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Peloponnese District

The Peloponnese is a large (21,549 km2) peninsula south of the Isthmus of Corinth.  It has rugged, mountainous interior and deeply indented coasts. The region enjoys a Mediterranean climate. 

 The characteristic of the Peloponnese is that there is no single characteristic of this diverse area. Traveling through the Peloponnese, modern villages and towns are side-by-side with vast olive groves, grain fields and vegetable plots.

The history of the Peloponnese dates back to the Bronze Age.  During the prime of Greek civilization, this area was its center with three well known city-states- Sparta, Corinth and Megalopolis.  There are still many interesting archaeological sites including Mycenae which is just off the Argos-Corinth Roadway and Ancient Olympia, birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.

In addition to the many ancient ruins in Corinth, there is a modern vibrant city that is a major commercial and transportation hub. Corinth prefecture is also famous for its clear water beaches, a popular summer tourist destination. Loutraki is a town famous for its hot springs and mineral waters.

Argolida prefecture is the home of the ancient Mycenae and other interesting ancient sites. The coastal city of Nafplion is its modern capital and one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.
The city of Olympia has some of the best high-end shopping in the region, particularly for gold jewelry and gemstones.

Patra joins the Peloponnese to the Ionian Islands and Italy. Patra, the capital city of Achaia prefecture, is the third-largest city in Greece and has fine open squares, beautiful parks and interesting monuments.  The popular ski center, Kalavryta, is also in Achaia prefecture.

Laconia prefecture in the northeastern Peloponnese is a mostly semi-mountainous region with rich fertile plains and forests.  It is washed by the Messinian and Laconian Bays and the Myrtoon and Cretan Seas. There are two impressive mountain ranges, Taygetos in the west and Parnonas in the east, with the River Eurotas flowing between them through the Laconian plain. Sparta is the capital city and is surrounded by many ancient sites. The modern economy is mostly based on agriculture and tourism. 

The prefecture of Messinia is noted for its warm climate, verdant landscapes, fertile fields, and long sandy beaches.  Kalamata is its capital and a great place to visit the famed olive groves and taste the local products.

For a taste of everything from major cities to ancient ruins to natural beauty and great beaches, there is no place like the Peloponnese.

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