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Santorini Island

The southernmost island in the Cycladic island group, Santorini has one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world.  Situated in the middle of a 32 sq. mile basin, lies the submerged caldera which resulted from the enormous volcanic eruption on Santorini more than 3500 years ago.  Surrounding this basin, rising on the cliffs, are some of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades with their traditional whitewashed homes and bright blue shutters contrasting with the black volcanic rock that rises from the sea.

Fira s the island’s capital and it is perched on the edge of a 260 meter cliff offering a panoramic view of the volcano.  Another lovely village with awesome views of the volcano, but from a different angel, is Oia.  This village is considered by many to be the most beautiful on Santorini.

Perissa is home to the most popular beach resort on the island and features a long black sandy beach.  Here Mega Vouna, an enormous black rock rises from the sea.

For history buffs, Akrotiri is the best known Minoan site outside of Crete.

For many people, lovely Santorini delivers the quintessential the quintessential Greek island experience.

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