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Crete Island

Crete at 8326 km2 is the largest of the Greek islands.
The island is extremely mountainous with three different mountain ranges, split north-south by spectacular gorges including the famous Gorge of Samaria which is now a national park and home to the kri-kri, the wild goat of Crete. On the fertile plateaus of Omalos, Lasithi and Nidha, there are olive groves, wildflowers and herbs including the thyme that scents the air.

The south coast has many sandy beaches and isolated coves.

Crete is also an island steeped in history and was the center of Minoan civilization, the oldest civilization in Europe. Attractions include the palaces at Knossos and Phaistos. Just southeast of Heraklion, the capital city of Crete, is Knossos which has been partially reconstructed and provides a glimpse into one of the most highly evolved ancient societies.

Phaistos with its views of the Mesara plain and Mt. Psiloritis is awe-inspiring.
The harbor city of Chania is the largest city in Western Crete which blends the history of Crete with the modern world. There are many lovely Venetian buildings alongside examples of Turkish architecture as well as traditional and modern structures. Chania is home to one of two international airports on Crete (the other is in Heraklion).

Another city for those who appreciate history is the charming town of Rethymnon with its many examples of Venetian architecture including the Fortezza, said to be the largest fort ever built by the Venetians. In all the cities and in many towns, there is an active nightlife and plenty of cafes, restaurants and tavernas. Some areas cater primarily to tourists, yet there are still many places where one can enjoy a more relaxed and authentic Cretan experience.

The Cretan culture, cuisine and even language are all distinctive. And to fully enjoy and appreciate this island, it is necessary to spend more than a few days in Crete. And once you have spent some time there, you may not want to leave.

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